Monday, May 19, 2014

In limbo...

During the first leg of my flight to New Zealand,  our captain informed us that due to poor weather conditions, we would have to stay in the air until they got the 'ok' from ground control to land. So while we're up here,  circling the landing strip like a vulture anxiously waiting for an animal below to die, I got to thinking. Where does your brain go during these times of limbo? 

At the first announcement of the delay,  I heard some people murmer some angry sounds. We had already had  ~30-45 minute delay during take-off (I'm not exactly sure how long it was,  as I have a tendency to konk out once the engine starts whirring) ,  and now another delay of unknown minutes,  further delaying tired travellers to their final destinations. 

Some other people peeped sounds of fear. When can we land? Will we run out of fuel? What happens if the weather doesn't get better? What if they take us to another airport? When will I be home? 

And then there were the people who just continued doing what they were doing before the announcement was made. 

I was part of all three of those categories of people.

I can remember a time when my temper was a little(or a lot) more delicate,  and I would get mad if there was a delay in my travels (I had terrible road rage. Thankfully I discovered the music of Ludicris). But now,  as I become older, and hopefully as they say 'wiser,'  I have learned how to think before I let my emotions take control. The world is full of circumstances we can neither forsee nor have any control over. 

So what do you do?

I eventually tried to go back to sleep,  as I never know the concept of time while I am flying and it annoys me not to, and sleeping is a pretty easy solution for that. But then I found myself wide awake, not knowing what time it was,  nor any idea of how long it would take for us to land. My Kindle app decided it didn't want to work (probably needed some sort of update),  so reading was out, so I decided to write, which brings us to now. They are currently announcing the continuance of the delay amd thanking us for our patience. We have been vultures for about an hour now. More people are rustling,  and the level of aggravation is rising. But,  there is nothing any of us can do, except for wait. And wait we shall. 

But what do you do when you wait?  Where does your mind go when there's nothing to do?

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