Saturday, December 27, 2014

Perceived vs Genuine Caring

Today, I definitely witnessed the difference between perceived caring vs genuine caring. 

Let me begin with a clarification: 
Perceived caring is when lots of positive things are said, promises made, and much interest is shown in a public manner. It is when someone asks about the [topic to be cared about], and says he/she is excited about it, or voices complaints. It is when people feel entitled to free or discounted things, and aren't afraid to ask for more. Perceived caring is when, after all these things are said, nothing is done. When shit hits the fan, they are not there. When support is needed, they are nowhere to be found, except perhaps peering around the corner, seeing how things are going. Perceived caring is a bunch of talk. 

Genuine caring, however, doesn't show itself as anything necessarily vocalized. There might be some positive feedback, or even constructive criticism. Many times, genuine caring doesn't even present itself clearly until shit hits the fan. That's when those who genuinely care will show up, have your back, and give as much as they can, no questions asked. They never ask for anything, and oftentimes reject bonuses offered. These are the people who will stand by your side. 

Today made me so unbelievably happy because I witnessed, on a national working day Saturday (to make up for a Friday holiday, weird, I know)(also during the Holidays), over a third of our members rock up and do whatever was needed to get the job done, even if it was just for a short time. To help the team. To help the family. Because they actually and genuinely cared. We had even more voice regrets of having to work, otherwise they'd help as well. We even had one send his girlfriend (who was super happy to help) in lieu of him, as he had to work! I am so grateful that these types of people make up a large part of my life. Words cannot express how I feel after the display of caring that occurred today. 

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