Thursday, May 21, 2015

Recap from a week of learning

I just spent a solid 6 straight days of learning. 4 days of shadowing, and 2 days of a seminar. Fortunately, I was also able to multitask the learning with spending time with some awesome people and great friends, which made the experience all the more fantastic and addictive. Without getting too into specifics, here are some things I was reminded of:

1. Concepts are important.
2. Don't just memorize stuff if you want to be a pro at something, understand it thoroughly.
3. Who you learn from makes a big difference. Learn the same thing from multiple people, but choose your mentors wisely.
4. Surround yourself with the people who you aspire to be, and those who inspire you to do great things
5. Immerse yourself in things (not material, but moreso actions) that make you happy.
6. Sleep is important, but you can get by on adrenaline for a short term thing. This is when learning trumps sleep. But still sleep.
7. Change can be good. Be aware of when it is and take a step back to learn and grow from it.
8. Treat your body well. No matter what great things come into your life, if you ignore your own well-being, you won't be getting nearly as much out of the great things as you could if you treat yourself well. I mean this in the most simplest of terms: Eat clean, get quality (and enough) sleep, smile, laugh, be active, spend time in your mental space, and improve yourself a little every day.
9. Love what you do, know why you do it. Be 100% that and don't stray from that.

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