Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Takeways from Taiwan November 2016 Trip

I just got back from another trip, one where I taught 3 seminars, taught a few classes, saw several clients, and did a lot of running around for random business stuff. I like to reflect a bit after each of my big trips. I wrote another for NKT practitioners as well, but this one is a little more general.

1) Panicking and worrying are wastes of energy and time. Though it's in some people's nature (like myself to panic and worry when plans go awry or are not yet planned at the last minute, you have the choice to stop the panic, to stop the worry. You can stop yourself from wasting your precious energy and time and be proactive to provoke change in the situation. Be patient. Things will work out. Clear your head, breathe, and look for opportunities instead of fixating on the negative. Fixation masks opportunity.

2) Your life is a direct result of the choices that you make. Everything you do is a choice, whether it's a habit or not. You can choose to change things whenever you want to. Some things take more time and effort, some less. It's still your choice. Stop complaining and do something.

3) Improvement takes time and consistent effort. Focused effort is best. Don't expect miracles. You'll have some pleasant surprises, and some annoying plateaus as well. Keep going. earn your way to being better.

4) Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs if you pay attention. What it needs will change periodically.

5) Have an outlet where you can let out deep energy. This can be done through meditation, thought/emotional processing, crying, hill sprints, music, art, etc. Don't hold it in all the time. It will come back to bite you in ass. Hard.

6) You can change your body's internal energy by changing motor control patterns. This is part of neuroplasticity, I believe. With the mind, you can change your body, and with your body, you can change your mind. This leaves out energy, technically, but I believe it's all part of the same system. In the last couple weeks, I witnessed 4 people's facial complexions and expressions go from ghastly and lifeless to vivacious and pink after addressing physical complaints. In these cases, it's time to take control of your body, not just passively "get treated all the time." Sometimes I will spend an entire session with someone to tell them why and that they need to change their lifestyle and habits before I will even touch them, because without their efforts, their pain will just come back.

7) Your brain is smarter than you think. It will do everything in its power to survive, even if it means sacrificing the body. You can use the body as a kind of a treasure map of clues to figure out where the brain/body is protecting from danger, and how that compensation pattern affects physical discomfort/pain.

8) Move well, eat nourishingly, hydrate properly, sleep restfully, meditate, and expose yourself to some type of nature (sunshine AND something green and rooted at the very least). Do these things daily, no matter what is on your schedule.

9) If you want to help someone, educate them. Teach them why it's important to make changes so that they can help themselves in the future. There have been several people who've saught me for help that I refused to lay a hand on until they made the changes in their lifestyle that I suggested because the cause of their pain and discomfort was from their lifestyle. In those situations, it's a waste of everyone's time and energy to do otherwise.

10) Enjoy the things you like in life without guilt. Guilt will also manifest into physical symptoms. Know your limits, but don't restrict. This was yet another trip where I ate whatever I wanted (carb-heavy this time) and lost some fat (about 3 lbs worth, I believe). Eat delicious things (that are made with quality ingredients), play, take the stairs up whenever you can, and try not to get caught up in the conveniences in modern life. Hike up a mountain instead of taking a cab to the top. You'll enjoy it much more.

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