Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hangover Prevention

As the season of parties culminates to tonight's final bash, we tend to want to start the New Year on a good note. That being said, waking up with a hangover on the first day of a "fresh start" is probably not ideal.

Instead of having to deal with a hangover and yet another obstacle that would get in the way of your resolutions, you can prevent the dreaded feeling of wanting to die upon waking.

Of course, being smart about how much/what you drink is a gimme. Though everybody is different, mixing types of alcohol and drinking too much is typically a no-no if you want to wake up anywhere near bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. 

They have those hangover shots you can buy as well, but let's see what we can do to prevent hangovers without the added mystery ingredients.

Hangover prevention is all about helping your liver function as much as you can, after abusing it with all the alcohol you're about to drink. So plan accordingly. Hydrate. Eat foods during the day that will help liver function:


Ever wonder why people drink Bloody Marys the morning after drinking? Look at the ingredients, and see how many of those you can find on that list of foods that help the liver. That's why Bloody Marys work.

Now, let's apply that to preventing a hangover, versus treating it. 

Have some of those ingredients before you go to bed. The more you drank, the more of those foods you should eat. Do you have to eat a little of each? No. You can stick to one type if you want. Go ahead, eat an entire tomato before going to bed. Or just make yourself a bedtime Bloody Mary. 

Perfect Solution for Midnight Munchies and hangover prevention!

If you want to cheat, take a B-complex vitamin. Make sure you drink a tall glass of water as well. No aspirin needed. Go to bed, wake up in 2017 feeling like a champ, and ready to take on the New Year.


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  3. I had the worst hangover of my life last month, I didn’t think I was ever going to drink again (says everyone, always LOL)- My sister told me to take Detoxicated when I drink to ease any hangover symptoms (and to mix in more water while drinking) and now I just wont ever drink without Detoxicated again! Helps a ton! Best morning recovery